Monday, January 28, 2008

Get on the Bus!

Y'all need to ride the bus. Wherever you may be, get on the bus and ride it. Aside from having zero clue what any of the bus route numbers mean or where you might end up, you truly get a feel of what is happening in the real world. I'm the first to admit the main thing wrong with public transportation is the public, but today's excursion on the N4 from DC's Dupont Circle to Farragut Square brought a new appreciation of the bus system.

As I waited patiently for the folks to step off the bus before I boarded (common bus courtesy), the last lady to exit felt compelled to thank me in her own special way for my patience:

Thank you for being a gentleman. Although we are in the gay community, I keep it real.

Uh. Lady. You must have some damn good gay-dar. Was it my scarf? The way I stood there showing a little leg to get the bus to stop? My rainbow flag sticking out of my backpack? I was like "how did she KNOW?"

Ladies and gentleman, get on the bus.

PS: THANK YOU DCBLOGS.COM for making my blog so damn popular!!! I'm like the Perez Hilton of DC. Ok, I'm much better looking and he swallows me in the biggest homo department. By leaps and bounds. Click here to read more entries.

PPS: Another fun night was had riding the 42 bus Wednesday night. The whole bus got an earful about the transit system not running on time. White folks and train drivers were to blame. Not the bus drivers though.

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