Friday, March 13, 2009

I Know Why Frank Gifford Cheated on Kathie Lee

So on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning, Frank Gifford co-hosted with his wife Kathie Lee Gifford. My guess is ratings plummeted today, but that's not the point. Frank was considerably out of it and you can tell he is incredibly annoyed by his wife. He basically hates her and hates that she made him do this show.

Frank Gifford is a million years old (actually 78) and he walks around like an old man who can barely stand. And Frank told Kathie Lee that she would not have been able to handle him when he reached his peak. Yeah, that's why he got a hooker and cheated on KL! DUH! I mean he could probably tape the hooker's mouth shut and can't do that at home with Kathie Lee. You know she never shuts up. God, I would have an affair too.

Anyway, check out the video above for a little taste and see why Frank is a cheater.

PS - For you dumbasses who don't know who Frank Gifford is or why he's famous then click here. F - I'm gay and I even know.

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Anonymous said...

You can't be serious, what a disgrace. There is no acceptable excuse/reason for breaking marriage vows. None. Besides, Kathie Lee is a wonderful person with a loving heart. Anyone who badmouths Kathie Lee doesn't truly know her, is judging her way too harshly & needs a reality check. Howard Stern comes to mind, then nausea ensues.. He is a tactless, tasteless excuse for a man. He truly is a joke of a human. Frank Gifford was suckered into making a terrible, disgusting mistake because he was hit on & thought he'd get away with it. He was willing though, which in itself is repulsive. Because of that woman's desire for money, which in my opinion, is the root of all evil, she had a plan all along & got away with it. What an immoral, shameful thing to do to someone. Karma will get all parties involved, if it hasn't already. I can't believe Kathie Lee forgave him & they're still together. If you ask me, I think Frank Gifford is lucky to have such a forgiving, loving wife. He should thank his lucky stars.